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Boracay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the only Asian beach on Yahoo Travel top 10 list of most beautiful beaches in the world.  Boracay is located in the central part of Philippines, north of Panay Island, which is one of the major islands of the Visayan Region.  This island has everything for everyone.  The 4 km white powder sand beach with crystal clear pristine aqua-colour water is of course the natural centre of the island with the coconut palms avenue cover all of the resorts, shops, restaurants, dive shops and bars along the beach. Boracay offers hide-away places, even on the White Beach or other small beaches with just a short bike ride or walk. If you like more crowded areas, you will find it as well.  There are all types of restaurants and bars, shops and services, for the budget traveller to the most exclusive.

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Together with the beauty of this tropical island, the atmosphere, the hospitality, peace and safety make this island unique. Dress code is casual.  Here you can stay in your room, wake up and dress up in your swimming suit and just walk out for a morning bath in the front of the resort.  There are no cars or motorbikes at the beach.  Motorboats can only dock at the beach at two designated areas, which makes your stay peaceful.  All kinds of water sport activities like jet-ski, parasailing etc. are allowed in safe distance from the beach, so it would not disturb your swimming.




Stay at the beach, walk at the beach, eat and drink at the beach.  It is lovely and romantic. The beauty of the island becomes more romantic in the afternoon when the sun is setting.  The spectacular sunset makes this island to a perfect destination for honeymooners and lovers.  The twilight hours bring peace to your mind and rest to your body.

Boracay have a laid back atmosphere, but also have a lot to offer for those that like to be active, from swimming, snorkelling and diving to walking around, jogging, gym, mountain biking, tennis, museum, viewing point and more.  It’s easy to go around discovering the inner island or the other beaches, like Puka Shell Beach in the north, to Bolabog with the kite-boarders and windsurfers (December to June).  The rich fauna of Boracay have wild monkeys, fruit-bats, colourful butterflies, birds, local flowers and more.  During the year, there are several sport tournaments at the beach, like dragoon boat festival, volleyball tournament, Frisbee and more.

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Ask for island hopping or day trips to nearby pristine destinations, diving, biking, ATV, horse back riding and more at the reception area. We will arrange everything for you, to make your stay as perfect as possible.


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